Meet the Staff of Bowden Motors

Josie Creek - Sales Consultant

937-592-5823 -

Josie welcomes past and future customers at our 1426 South Main Street location.                    

Chris Baker - Sales Consultant

937-592-5823 -

Chris welcomes past and future customers at our 1426 S. Main St. location.

Dean Whetsel - Detailer


Dean Whetsel, Sr. - Detailer


Kevin Dunn - Service Manager

937-593-0014 -

Kevin has over 20 years of experience. He can be reached at our 126 East Chillicothe Ave. service center.

Randy Davis - Mechanic


Lauren Bowden Thomas - President


Lauren is continuing the family tradition of quality, fairly priced vehicles and friendly customer service in a no-hassle environment. Lauren has always loved cars and has worked in the automotive industry since 1998. She joined her father Joe at Bowden Motors in 2004. Lauren brings unique perspective to her business being a female auto dealer, and strives to make every customer feel welcome and comfortable when car shopping.

Joe Bowden - Founder

1942-2015 -

Joe Bowden founded Bowden Motors in 1993 after taking early retirement from a career in accounting. He grew up helping at his grandfather’s Chevrolet Oldsmobile dealership and always longed to have a place of his own. Joe had such a passion for cars and hard work that he worked at a gas station as a small child pumping gas and washing windshields, even though he had to stand on a box to reach them because he was so little. After his grandfather sold the dealership, Joe worked as a detailer at a local dealership all through high school and college. He always said, “I don’t understand how people can say they hate buying cars. I love buying cars.” Joe instilled the same love for cars and the car business in his daughter, Lauren. He worked hard to create a business that provided a pleasant, friendly, hassle-free car buying experience. Our Bowden Motors team strives to honor his legacy every day and carry on with his mission.